• 3-in-1

  • DIY


3-in-1 design with land vehicle and flight modes

Glider assembly

Glider wing module

Power module

Glider assembly complete

Remote-controlled vehicle assembly

Power module

Remote-controlled vehicle module

Remote-controlled vehicle assembly complete


The vehicle comes with 3 different accessories that can be attached to different objects for even more fun.

Plastic building block attachment

This accessory can be attached to plastic building blocks.

Flat attachment

This accessory can be attached to a flat surface.

This accessory can be attached to a paper aeroplane.

Vertical attachment

Multifunctional remote control

Single-hand remote control is easy to use and features a wide range of functions.


Main specifications

Item No: TF1002
3 IN 1,DIY,Gyroscope Assisted Steering
Battery: 3.7V/200mAh Li-poly (included)
Charging Time: About 60 Minutes
Flight Times:About 5 Minutes
Travel Times:About 8 Minutes
Control Distance: Glider remote control distance is
         about 60 meters
         The remote control distance of
         the car is about 30 meters
Product Size: Glider Size 44x22.5x8.25cm
        Car Size 12.5x11.4x5.2cm